Dentscape Continuum with Naoki Aiba, C.D.T.

A total solution for all-on-x prosthetics

Dentscape Continuum with Naoki Aiba, C.D.T.


winter-2011-02It was an honor to take part in . . .

the first ever Dentscape Continuum!! This was a series of 4 hands-on courses taught by Japanese Ceramist Naoki Aiba, C.D.T. in Monterey, California. With an intimate group of other excellent technicians, Dale flew to Monterey 4 times in 2011 to take part in this exciting opportunity to learn from one of the finest artists working in the industry today.

Mr. Aiba is a member of the exclusive Oral Design team begun 30 years ago by Mr. Willi Geller of Austria. Naoki’s teaching facility, Science Art, is an official Oral Design center here in the USA.

Areas in which Dale received certification:

  • COURSE-I: Back To Basics: Learning From Nature
  • COURSE-II: Key Effects™: Use of Specific Powders & Effects
  • COURSE-III: Shade Taking & Dental Photography A to Z
  • COURSE-IV: Foil Technique Porcelain Laminate Veneers

As we strive for excellence it is our goal is to make you a hero to your patients!

To Your Success,
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